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I bought a new #laptop. I'm liking it, might talk more about it later. It came with a default desktop wallpaper that wasn't bad, but had the manufacturer logo embedded in it. So I went looking on the internet, as you do, and found this beauty of a simple planet on this nice list of backgrounds.

But it wasn't quite right. No, it's not that it's bad, just not quite my #style. I like the concept, but just wanted to make some tweaks. Because I have some experience with #Adobe #Illustrator, I went ahead and re-drew it a little more to my liking. It could use some work. The stars are a little too bunched up, and the moons from the original would be a nice addition, but overall I'm very happy with it. Here is my version of the planet wallpaper.

Feel free to use or repost it if you like, but do me a favor and link back to this page. Thanks!

Posted 7 Sep 2020 by Brian


You found me! I'm Brian Bogedin. This is my website and blog. Obviously. Anyway, I'm a full stack web developer and game programmer operating in Southeast Michigan. I do freelance, too, so feel free to contact me with business inquiries. Thanks for stopping by!

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This blog!

I'm making this blog from scratch. No CMS, frameworks or libraries! Just MySQL, PHP, JS, HTML and CSS. Is it necessary to create a blog from scratch? No, but it is great for learning, and customization. Does your blog have hashtags?

Website for a youtube channel that creates instructional and entertainment videos about illustration. I built the site and manage giveaways there from time to time. Currently working on a miniature custom CMS so that the site owner can administer the giveaways without my assistance.

SECO Tools

I do some work here and there for a company that sells mill tooling. Most recently built a batch processor for their tool converter. Basically, it takes a bunch of competitor product numbers and returns the information on tools offered by SECO with similar specs. Still needs some user friendliness enhancement, but it's currently only for internal use.


This is a small couch multiplayer game made in gamemaker for a game jam I organized with some friends. Up to 6 players use controllers or the keyboard to fire rockets on the side of their city to rotate a planet and avoid incoming missile. The trouble is, everyone else is trying to rotate the same planet! Download it on!


Mulitimedia engine being developed by my friend, Josh Powlison. Plays audio, video, comics, text, and kinetic novels. Cool stuff. I'm helping out a tiny bit. See the demo here.