React JS

I've mentioned #javascript #frameworks before. I generally don't like them. I'm not convinced they solve the problems they set out to solve. But, to find out, and because a lot of employers use them, I got together with my friend Josh to learn some of the basics of React.

So, the goal was simple, each of us would create a very simple game using #React. The game would be in the style of one of those clicker games where an enemy appears and must be defeated by clicking. Our version contains only the most bare bones features.

It wasn't too bad. There was a bit of a learning curve, and I'm sure there is more advanced stuff, but we were able to create our games in a few hours. Take a look. Speaking of more advanced stuff, I built mine with a single React component, but if I were to expand the game with more features, I can see how additional sub-components could speed up development. Here is the source on github if you're interested.

Am I convinced? Not really, but I get the picture. I'll want to practice with it some more before I could tell a potential employer that I know react, but for now I think I'd prefer to try a few other ones. Vue looks pretty interesting.

The format of setting aside a day with a friend to learn a new framework was very successful and a lot of fun. Thanks #Josh!

Posted 28 Jan 2019 by Brian