Been busy, Surprised?

Of course not, life's been crazy for everyone. My last post was basically just before I got a new job, and blogging didn't seem as important. But I'm trying to get back into this and step up my game.

At my job, we use a lot of #wordpress. As a tool for getting a website up and running quickly and easily, especially for non-programmers, it's great. But I'm not a non-programmer. Plus it's really easy to let plugins get out of control, the backend to become disorganized, and page load speed is... not ideal.

I've learned a lot, and it's super helpful to know how to work with wordpress, because so many sites use it. But I still like my custom blog, and I want to continue developing it. So that's what I'm gonna do. Maybe tangentially for a while, there's a related project that'll I'll post more about soon.

Until then, stay safe!

Posted 14 Aug 2020 by Brian